LEGO Star Wars 75044 Droid Tri Fighter

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LEGO Star Wars 75044 Droid Tri Fighter

Chancellor Palpatine has been captured and must be taken away before the Jedi are able to retrieve him! Chase them down in the super-agile Droid Tri-Fighter with unique tri-wing design. When they come into range, fire the new spring-loaded blasters and release the deadly Buzz Droid. Those Jedi won't know what hit them!

Includes Chancellor Palpatine minifigure and Buzz Droid, Security Battle Droid and Battle Droid figures with assorted weapons and an accessory.

Art. Nr: 75044
Rek. ålder: 7-12 år
Antal delar: 262 st
Lanseringsår: 2014

Drift & produktion:  Wikinggruppen