88002 LEGO Power Functions Train Motor

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LEGO Power Functions 88002 Train Motor

Power down the tracks!

Send your train roaring down the track! Lay out your tracks, then add this LEGO® Power Functions Train Motor to your train engine, combined with the required parts, and you're ready to roll!

•Includes wheels and cross axles
•Use with #8878 LEGO® Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box to have on-train speed control
•Requires #8878 LEGO Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box or #8881 LEGO Power Functions Battery Box
•May be used to motorize #4841 Hogwart's Express or #7597 Western Train Chase
•Use with #8884 LEGO Power Functions IR Receiver and #8879 LEGO Power Functions IR Speed remote control to build a remote controlled train

Artikelnummer: 88002
Antal delar: 7 st
Rek. ålder: 7+
Lanseringsår: 2011

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