LEGO XTRA 40311 Traffic Lights LEGO XTRA 40311 Traffic Lights


LEGO XTRA 40311 Traffic Lights

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LEGO XTRA 40311 Traffic Lights

Add some order to your city streets with the awesome LEGO® xtra 40311 Traffic Lights pack! This set of items includes 4 buildable traffic lights, plus a wheelbarrow, trash can, broom and trash elements. Combine and use the LEGO xtra accessories with all LEGO sets, to enhance children's play in any way they can imagine.

  • This fun pack features a wheelbarrow, broom, trashcan with lid, 2 leaves, bottle, banana and 4 buildable traffic lights.
  • LEGO® xtra packs are compatible with all LEGO sets.

Artikelnummer: 40311
Antal delar: 46 st
Rek.ålder: 6+
Lanseringsår: 2018


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Drift & produktion:  Wikinggruppen