Crayola Double Doodle Markers Crayola Double Doodle Markers


Crayola Double Doodle Markers, 10-pack

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With the Crayola Double Doodlers, you'll be ready for any art project! The awesome, double ended markers give you 20 bright colours in just ten pens. Use the thin, wedge shaped marker end for lighter colours and slim, crisp lines. Flip the marker around for broader, wider strokes and darker shades. You won't ever run out of pens again! The Crayola Double Doodlers are also washable, so there'll be no mess, wherever you colour. Delightful, rainbow doodling for 3 and over.

Artikelnummer: 071662083113
Rek. ålder: 3+
Antal delar: 10-pack (20 färger)


Ej lämplig för barn under 3 år.
Innehåller smådelar.

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